Private information accessible through Goggle

Google has implemented a real name policy that basically puts you out in front of the world for all to see, this causes problems for those wanting to keep their identies safe and out of public view. Just recently I tried to change my Youtube account user name an Google persisted that they wanted to use my real name and display it on my Youtube channel, well Google I'm not ready for that and don't think I ever will be. Google also likes to gleefully store and display to all the world personal information such as your signatures, bank account details, where you work, where you live, your next of kin, marital status, pictures  posted on the web of yourself, national identification numbers and much much more! But there is hope Google is going to make a tool, possibly a check box for you to click that will magically delete all your Googlely stored information from Google's databases. What about all the other search engines that glean information from Google, to late they got your information and you can only hope that they will make a tool with a magic checkbox that will remove your data from their search engines too. The article below does indicated that some search engine companies may be ordered to come on board.

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