Summer Program -  5 day workshop – Build a PC, Laptop, or replace screens on iPhone, iPad, or android phone.  Fee includes all materials  $250

   2017-2018 school year - We are a full Managed Services IT, TV, and Communications company.  We teach your child how to run a business, manage workloads, handle customer interactions, Pay bills, handle banking deposits, Repair... More

Criminals can hack your router soon thank's to CIA

Last week, a Wikileaks release showed that Wifi routers are susceptible to hacking using tools created by the CIA. According to Wired: "Your Wifi router, sitting in the corner of your home accumulating dust and unpatched security flaws,... More

CUJO Personal Appliance

About CUJO Product Secure, your network from intruders trying to gain access to your computers and data. Easy to configure CUJO is a smart firewall that knows exactly how to secure your network. CUJO let's you keep... More

The New Kodi 4K v17.1 HD TV Stick

Get every movie, new or old, TV series, new or old, Live sporting events and pay-per-views for 1 low one-time cost of $110.00 Quantity Deals Option 1 $110.00 USD Option 2 - 2 units $200.00 USD Option 3 -... More

Purchase Policy Change 04-12-2016

This policy change affects all purchases made on computer equipment and software and services for Stanton PC Repair & Sales Computer Hardware: Hence forth clients will be billed directly and payment will have to be made in full before any... More

FCC approves net neutrality rules

The internet will remain open and free as it should be. Cable companies will not be able to touch it. Read more about it... More