Summer Program -  5 day workshop – Build a PC, Laptop, or replace screens on iPhone, iPad, or android phone.  Fee includes all materials  $250

   2017-2018 school year - We are a full Managed Services IT, TV, and Communications company.  We teach your child how to run a business, manage workloads, handle customer interactions, Pay bills, handle banking deposits, Repair Computers, Mac's, Tablets, Mobile devices, TV's, Web site design and hosting, coding and programming, Operating system's (LINUX, MAC, Microsoft), Office programs use and configuration, Project management, Network administration, server administration, email hosting, internal audits, proper email procedures, technical writing skills, blueprints, application designs, QuickBooks management, Home budgeting, and smart device management.  We strive to provide your child a wonderful learning experience at the same time creating a valuable skill set for their future. Each child will learn how to build a computer, laptop, and replace mobile device screens as well as manage and run a home based budget and business administration from experts.   We are located in Garden Grove/Stanton area for your weekly convenience.  Each class is 1.25 hours and on Fridays at 9:30 AM $300 FOR 16 WEEKS – Materials are included

Please fill out this form and your instructor will contact you will all details for the class.