Purchase Policy Change 04-12-2016

This policy change affects all purchases made on computer equipment and software and services for Stanton PC Repair & Sales

Computer Hardware: Hence forth clients will be billed directly and payment will have to be made in full before any computer equipment is transferred, we do not offer  “Bill Me Later” “NET 30 Day Invoicing” We ONLY have 30 recurring payments on our SLA Service Agreements.

INVOICE: If you do not get an invoice or the invoice is not signed by you, the technician cannot begin work.

Texting Signature: Your Technician will ask you to text your approval to their phone number approving our first hour on site and millage charges. This text approval from you is a legal and binding and you are agreeing to the first hour and millage charges. The Technician cannot come out to your location without this approval. Stanton PC Repair & Sales has a one hour minimum charge.

If a technician is sent out to your location you will have to first sign that you will OK the work to be done before the technician will start work and you will have to pay the agreed upon price to the Stanton PC Repair & Sales technician before he or she leaves your location/office/home. Any additional time for extra services will have to be given to you by the Technician and Agreed by you.

Example: A technician is called out to change a power supply and before he or she is done is asked to install Windows and Office, in this instance a change order will have to be made and there will be an additional cost for software and labor to complete the request.

Data transfers: The time it takes to copy your data to a backup and transfer the data back to your computer is counted as billable time. If you prefer you can backup your own data before your computer is worked on.

Online remote computer support is $90 for the first hour and $45.00 each additional hour, labor only, parts and license fees are extra.  If your computer is working and able to access the internet, we can support your needs remotely. 

How Charges are Incurred: Our remote computer service is pay per incident for services. 

At Stanton PC Repair & Sales we strive to give you the best service at the best prices and look forward to helping you.

Thank You

Revised: 6-8-2016