President Barack Obama Not a Friend of Net-Neutrality

It seems President Obama’s administration wants to take away even more of our freedoms and impose strict regulations on broadband companies and far overstep government bounds.

And just earlier here’s President Obama saying he was for Net-Neutrality

And here is what Net-Neutrality is all about

And here is another article expaining the problem

What doe’s it mean for business’s like Stanton PC Repair and Sales?

What is could mean is potential customers may never find us because big companies will pay to push small companies out of the way and it has been shown that big companies with no competition may not give you reliable good service and have longer wait times. And they can charge anything they want and you will have to pay it because they are the only game in town.

Let your Congressman know that you support Net-Neutrality and to vote against and law that would infringe upon it.

What You Can Do About It – Sign Petitions

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