Microsoft Profits from Linux

If you think Linux is just for nerds, geeks and hot pocket eating fanatics, think again. Microsoft also reaps from the Opensource community with getting Linux folks to enter into a patent deal with the Redmond behemoth. So let's get some things straight that Linux is a viable contender for devices and desktops.

A. Android phones run on linux
B. Macintosh (Yeah that's right fanboys) runs on FreeBSD a similar operating system to linux.
C. iPhone iOS is a Darwin Unix like variant

Most of the time people will install Linux on an old machine to play around with it, I say why not install it on a more powerful machine and do all your work on it. Linux is leading cloud computing so why not jump on the band wagon now and start learning now. Linux runs on laptops and desktops with very little or no configuration, meaning all the drivers for your computer are included in the Linux installer. So you can literally run the installer and reboot the computer once and start enjoying your new Linux operating system. And also to mention Linux has live CD's and USB versions so you can boot your computer off a CD or USB drive and try out Linux without touching your Windows install, you can also be installing Linux on your hard drive will using it at the same time.


Answer the above question please.
We support Linux and can show you how to use Linux in your business. Did we also mention that Linux is virus free from Windows viruses.