Don't Make Your Business a News Headline by Hackers

As you know hackers are relentless in their pursuit to steal your data or swipe identity or just to wreak havoc on your life, we see the hacker emails everyday that want us to click a link to fortune, or that there is some cash deposit in our bank account that needs approval. So what do you do? Keep your self protected against virus threats with good virus software that includes identity protection, don't click links in hacker emails and call your bank if you get a suspicious email from them, and keep your Windows 7 or 8 computer updated with the latest updates.

If you are running Windows XP you are out of time, XP is no longer supported and is like living in a house of sand with Hacker ocean waves beating at your door. Don't let the Hackers have a chance at your data and life, get protected by upgrading your systems. We can do the upgrades for you at a reasonable cost and also do security audits for your network so there is no reason to wait.

We can upgrade your computers with minimum system requirements of:

P4 and faster CPU

1 GB of Ram or more

120 GB HDD

  • $50 for windows 7
  • $100 for Windows 8

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